The Buffalo Regals Girls Program has been around since 2004. From 2004 to 2014 Regal girls hockey was a tier 2 organization, during those years the teams captured NY state championships at the 12u and 14u age groups. in 2012 the 14u tier 2 team placed 2nd at the usa hockey national tournament. in 2014 the program made the jump to tier 1, that first yeat both the 14u and 16u teams won the state tournament and ended up as quarter-finalists at the usa hockey national tournament. this past season the 19u tier 1 team placed 2nd at the ny state tournament.


the regal girls program was built from the botton up, from 2004-2012 there were only two teams in the girls program. by 2015 they were able to field teams from 10u up to 19u, this is the foundation the program today is built from. the Buffalo regals girls program now houses an 8u development team, two 10u, 12u, and 14u teams, 16u and 19u team.


the buffalo regals girls program has placed players in ncaa division 1, ncaa division 3, and the phf. the buffalo regals girls program is dedicated to developing the players and helping them archieve their hockey dreams. the organization is working towards having a big sister/little sister program is place starting this year. this will allow the older players a chance to earn community service hours as well as give back to the sport they grow up playing.