1. Login to your Team Snap Account.  If you don't have a Team Snap account you can sign up for one on the next page (click Register).

2.  Complete the registration form.  Make sure you have a valid USA Hockey Number for your player.  If you do not have one for the current season you may obtain one here:

3.  To Register for House, Click the dropdowns for House to Yes and for Travel to No.  NOTE: Beginner Registration is located under House registration.  To Register for Travel, Click the dropdowns for House to No and for Travel to Yes.

4. E-Sign the Fiscal Policy and the Photo Waiver.

5. Click the box next to the program which you wish to enroll in.

For Travel players, click the box next to your Coaches name.

For Beginners/House players, click the box next to the appropriate program.  NOTE: Programs are calculated by players' DOB.  Most registrants will have 2 options (Beginners or a House Program).


6. Complete the checkout process by choosing a payment plan and method.


7. CONGRATULATIONS!  You are Registered with the Buffalo Regals!